Rewire Your Brain For Success

Rewire Your Brain For Success

When it comes to achieving your goals, we often focus on the conscious mind and action the most. Affirmations, and action plans are where most people put their attention. However, if you say you want one thing, but your behavior shows the opposite you need to look at what’s going on in your unconscious mind. This entire course is dedicated to you rewiring your unconscious mind so that your actions align with your goals! So that you can finally achieve that level of health and wellness that you’ve been wanting.

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Rewire Your Brain For Success
  • Rewire Your Brain For Success - Module 1

    The is a foundational week, we are going over:

    · Why you need to work with the unconscious mind to rewire your brain

    · What the unconscious mind is & how powerful it is

    · What limiting beliefs are

    · How negative emotions are holding you back

    · Getting ready fo...

  • Rewire Your Brain For Success - Module 2

    This week is all about doing the release work! That means you will learn the technique that I use with my private coaching clients to let go of negative thoughts, limiting beliefs or charged emotions that have been keeping you from reaching your potential.

    Outline of this week:

    · Wh...

  • Rewire Your Brain For Success - Module 3

    This week we are going to be focusing on goal setting. Specifically SMART goals and how this version is different from the ones that you’ve heard about.

    After watching the module, I want you to take this next week to really focus on writing out your goal. If you love to write in a notebook awes...

  • Rewire Your Brain For Success - Module 4

    This week I am walking you through another NLP technique that we are using to put your goal out into the future. I will be walking you through the technique to first have conscious awareness of what it is. Then I will guide you through it in order to have the technique work it’s magic. It is an a...

  • Rewire Your Brain For Success - Module 5

    Welcome back to week 5 you are already a month into your goals and congratulations for staying with it and being here. Today we are talking about Environment & strategy. We’ll be going over:

    · Why strategy and environment are important piece of rewiring your brain

    · What are some ...

  • Rewire Your Brain For Success - Module 6

    Hello and welcome back to week 6. This is the final week of the program and it’s a really fun piece to the puzzle. It’s all about focusing on a positive future. Now there will be times in your process where you may feel discouraged. That is where people loop back into an old negative cycle. This ...