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Watch this video and more on How Do You Health

Module 4 - Lifestyle - Part 3

Nutritional Weight Loss • 3m 40s

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  • Module 4 - Lifestyle - Part 4

    Let's discuss patience for a minute.

    This is a necessary trait for a weight loss program, because this can be full of ups and downs. Emotionally, physically, mentally. Be patient with yourself.

    We had a client come see us one time who was drinking 12 sodas a day. Other than that, he looked c...

  • Module 4 - Lifestyle - Part 5`


    You've made it to the last video on the last week of this program. Keep going, even if you've reached the goals you set at the beginning of this progam. Keeping up these habits will allow you to maintain the progress you've made.

    You wouldn't stop brushing your teeth or showe...

  • Welcome to Nutritional Weightloss

    Welcome to the Nutritional Weight Loss Program by Nurse Doza & How do You Health!

    Food is your medicine.

    This course is about to teach you how to make a lifelong change in how you eat so that you can live healthfully for a long time.

    When you make a change like this, you'll notice changes...