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Module 2 - The Energy Shift - Part 4

Nutritional Weight Loss • 6m 48s

Up Next in Nutritional Weight Loss

  • Module 2 - The Energy Shift - Part 5

    Key highlights:

    CHECK IN: Have you been losing some weight? 1 pound? More? Maybe lost some inches?
    CHECK IN: What foods have really worked for you so far? What feels good or doesn't to your body?
    Your body is shifting to a new, premium fuel. Ride the ups and downs of those energy waves.

  • Module 3 - Hormones - Part 1

    Changes to note so far:

    Possible weight loss
    Shift in energy
    Improved sleep
    This week, we're getting into hormones. You really want weeks 1 and 2 to have settled in and that you're following those directions before diving into this one, so go refresh yourself and get on track as needed.


  • Module 3 - Hormones - Part 2

    Now, we know that hormones are signals between our brain and body.

    The main hormones to consider for metabolism are:

    The sex hormones (estrogens and testosterone)
    Adrenal hormones
    The last two are the ones I want to focus on.

    Let's start with insulin.

    Insulin comes from the pancreas ...