Nutritional Weight Loss

Nutritional Weight Loss

Welcome to the Nutritional Weight Loss Program by Nurse Doza & How do You Health!

Food is your medicine.

This course is about to teach you how to make a lifelong change in how you eat so that you can live healthfully for a long time.

When you make a change like this, you'll notice changes in every other area of your life:

Your mindset
Your confidence
Your social relationships
How you feel about yourself
Your physical wellbeing
What you achieve in this life as a result of everything else
You're about to make a huge shift.

Welcome to the program - we'll see you in Week 1.

Nutritional Weight Loss
  • Module 1 - Elimination - Part 1


    Are you putting premium fuel into your body? Or are you choosing to put cheap and toxic food into your system?

    When you swallow your food (fuel) it goes into the digestive tract, and gets broken down into molecules that are transfferred to the rest of your body so that it fu...

  • Module 1- Elimination - Part 2

    There is so much noise out there around what foods to eat, yet the ultimate pathway to better health, it revolves around limiting/eliminating foods that are harmful to your bodily functions.

    To understand what you need to eliminate, you must first track what you are putting into your body in t...

  • Module 1 - Elimination - Part 3

    Everybody loves to upgrade the things in their life.

    Now it is time to upgrade YOU! :)

    In the previous lesson, you took note of the foods in your diet that you need to eliminate. However, the question remains what do you need to replace your current fuel with to give you the life upgrade you d...

  • Module 1 - Elimination - Part 4

    Congratulations! This is the hardest part of the program. The first part of any elimination diet is the first part: the beginning of elimination. Keep going.


    The first week is the most difficult. It's normal to feel thrown off of your routine, because you're building a new hab...

  • Module 2 - The Energy Shift - Part 1

    Week 1 was about eliminating the foods causing inflammation & weight gain in your body.

    Week 2 will likely mark a shift in energy for you. That could go either way: a huge shift upwards OR a huge shift down. The downwards shift comes from having to re-train your body to run off of a new f...

  • Module 2 - The Energy Shift - Part 2

    Sleep is important because you are:

    Detoxifying all parts of the body - the brain, the organs, the blood, the muscles. All of it is getting a clean sweep.
    Repairing damages or inflammation built up throughout the day.
    "Rewinding" your memories for long-term storage.
    Signs that you're getting ...

  • Module 2 - The Energy Shift - Part 3

    In the last couple videos, you learned that your energy shifts up and down depending on what you are eating and when.

    To fully get the energy you need, focus on foods and supplements that are nutrient dense and packed with vitamins. The vitamins you are putting into your body on a daily basis...

  • Module 2 - The Energy Shift - Part 4

    Exercise is an important piece of a weight loss program. Simply put, exercise is movement.

    Exercise creates many things in the body, including:

    Increased ATP (energy) production & burning throughout your day.
    Better sleep at night.
    Fewer energy crashes & better mental clarity.
    How int...

  • Module 2 - The Energy Shift - Part 5

    Key highlights:

    CHECK IN: Have you been losing some weight? 1 pound? More? Maybe lost some inches?
    CHECK IN: What foods have really worked for you so far? What feels good or doesn't to your body?
    Your body is shifting to a new, premium fuel. Ride the ups and downs of those energy waves.

  • Module 3 - Hormones - Part 1

    Changes to note so far:

    Possible weight loss
    Shift in energy
    Improved sleep
    This week, we're getting into hormones. You really want weeks 1 and 2 to have settled in and that you're following those directions before diving into this one, so go refresh yourself and get on track as needed.


  • Module 3 - Hormones - Part 2

    Now, we know that hormones are signals between our brain and body.

    The main hormones to consider for metabolism are:

    The sex hormones (estrogens and testosterone)
    Adrenal hormones
    The last two are the ones I want to focus on.

    Let's start with insulin.

    Insulin comes from the pancreas ...

  • Module 3 - Hormones - Part 3

    Now that you've got the basics of food and hormone balance, let's take it a step further.

    What happens when you eat procesed food?

    Processed foods include preservatives. Any of those ingredients on the label of your fake food that you cannot pronounce will cause inflammation. This will cause...

  • Module 3 - Hormones - Part 4

    This is what you've been waiting for: hormone balancing.

    If you balance your hormones, you'll lose weight and reduce inflammation in your body.

    If you want to balance your hormones, you MUST:

    Get regular, daily movement
    Sleep well and enough, regularly
    Have a healthy, inflammation-reducing d...

  • Module 3 - Hormones - Part 5

    End of week 3! How are you doing? What are you noticing? Is there anything you're really doing well on, or anything you need to improve?

    This week, we covered:

    Hormone balancing
    Why sleep is important
    Inflammation reduction
    Liver support
    If there are things you need to do to make this process...

  • Module 4 - Lifestyle - Part 1

    Welcome to week 4! You've come so far by now. If there's anything you need to reflect on or recap anything, please go back and watch any sections you'd like to see again.

    It's likely that you have lost some weight by now. If not, keep up these new habits. Re-watch anything you might need to if...

  • Module 4 - Lifestyle - Part 2

    Week 4 is about routines. Routines are different from habits because you need to think about your routine.

    You need to create a routine that supports your healthy lifestyle and is one that you ENJOY - especially in the morning. Figure out a way to avoid the feeling of being rushed when you fir...

  • Module 4 - Lifestyle - Part 3

    Along with need accountability in your life.

    When no one's looking, you want to make sure that you're still staying focused and on track. That's self-accountability.

    This course is accountability. Accountability makes you successful - start looking at it as a good thing! If it...

  • Module 4 - Lifestyle - Part 4

    Let's discuss patience for a minute.

    This is a necessary trait for a weight loss program, because this can be full of ups and downs. Emotionally, physically, mentally. Be patient with yourself.

    We had a client come see us one time who was drinking 12 sodas a day. Other than that, he looked c...

  • Module 4 - Lifestyle - Part 5`


    You've made it to the last video on the last week of this program. Keep going, even if you've reached the goals you set at the beginning of this progam. Keeping up these habits will allow you to maintain the progress you've made.

    You wouldn't stop brushing your teeth or showe...